Underfloor Heating

Installation of underfloor heating (UFH) has become increasingly popular in the UK when renovating your property and for new builds. The installation of underfloor heating (UFH) will give you a constant warmth in your rooms without having to increase the air temperature, as it warms up the floor, heating the occupants from the ground up. UFH is a very effective and simple principle providing even heat distribution to create a comfortable climate.

Warm water (wet) UFH systems require pipes to be run underneath the floor surface or buried in screed. The UFH system works by mixing the water in the pipe with hot water from the boiler to achieve the required temperature. The heat from the water running through the pipes is then transferred directly into the floor. The heat is released across a large area (the floor) instead of a small and focuses area (the radiator). Once the installation of underfloor heating (UFH) is complete, the system should be filled with water and fully vented of air.

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